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Hackney House

We were approached by this client to help them transform their ground floor, complete with an extension, a new kitchen and dining space, and an additional back garden shed that could work as an office, a guest space, and a room for yoga. What we found that we were able to pack so much into these spaces with clever tricks and hidden storage elements so that it served every purpose needed, but never felt crammed or over-filled. 

The kitchen extension allowed us to completely open up the space and combine what was a narrow utility and a kitchen into one large kitchen and dining room, with a new concealed utility cupboard and small bathroom. We built-in a bench around the dining table to free up space and this also allowed us to conceal more storage. 

The design for this room had to be anything but ordinary to reflect this amazing growing family and their colourful and exciting lives. They approached us with the words "colour" and "interesting" and we totally ran with it. We worked closely with DeVol Kitchens to bring out the best results in the layout and style of the space. The result is a room that has elements of bold colour, both in the copper kitchen worktop, and in the lime washed walls by Clayworks, which add texture and softness to the room in an incredible way. 

The rooflight was a key feature to our space and floods the home with natural light. By curving the edges to the opening of the rooflight, we softened the effect and the hard lines. 

The back garden shed acts as a serene oasis away from the hustle and bustle of family life in the home. Blackened timber clads the outside and feels nestled into the lush green landscaping. The interiors are a contrast of pale birch ply and feel calm and quiet. The shed is the true definition of "multi-use". By building in tons of storage, desks, and a pull down bed, we were able to serve many purposes without it ever feeling that way. When it is only an office, it feels like an office and only when you need it to be a guest bed does that come to life. 

Photography by Toby Nima

Joinery by Beck Carpentry

Contractor DeCrew


Hackney House


Hackney Council


February 2024

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